“Enrolling in Mohammad’s CRSP/CRST exam crash prep course was an absolute game-changer for me. This was my second attempt at the exam, and I credit my success to his comprehensive program. The 3-hour practice exams were a true lifesaver, helping me master time management during the actual exam. What’s even more impressive is that Mohammad and his team provided two versions of these practice exams, and a significant 70% of the questions appeared on the real test.

Mohammad’s guidance went beyond practice exams. He helped me identify subjects and topics I needed to focus on, making my preparation targeted and efficient. The video courses were incredibly helpful in breaking down concepts.
I’m also grateful for Mohammad and his team’s quick and efficient support. Whether it was addressing technical issues or providing clarifications, they were always there to assist.
Thank you, Mohammad, and team for your dedication to helping aspiring CRSP professionals succeed. Your program truly made all the difference for me.”

“I found the WSC CRSP Crash course very inspiring to understand why I need to take the exam. The course focuses on the “need to know” which is essential in preparing for and passing the exam. I recommend it to anyone who truly cares about the safety of the workers and also wants to pass the CRSP exam..”


“The course provided was really professional with a lot of critical thinking questions. The topics are really close to the questions expected in the exam.
My experience with the Crash Course Team was fantastic. I really appreciate the true dedication of the Course Mentor (Dr. Abdoli) in ensuring the candidates are proceeding smoothly from the start of the course to the final exam making the course really personal by means of follow-up meetings with candidates. Simply the best course!”


“WSC CRSP CRST does not only help you pass your exam but also has information that walks you through the process of obtaining your certification, such as how and when to apply. As a fresh OHS graduate last year and having no one to talk to regarding the process, it helped me to be prepared.

Due to its valuable information, I decided to take the CRST crash course that helped me pass my CRST exam on my first try. The course contains a pdf PowerPoint, a video, and a set of challenging questions for each competency to prepare you for the exam. Aside from the course material, Dr. Abdoli never failed to set aside time to provide guidance and answer my questions in order for me to successfully complete my course. Thus, I did not only gain knowledge but also a connection with another amazing safety professional (Dr. Abdoli). I highly recommend the CRST crash course to anyone looking for study material.”


“I am so glad I passed the exam the first time, which was only possible because of the crash course. The course helped me gain the confidence I needed in a short time. I found most of the questions familiar during my exam only because of the numerous sample questions in this course. The two final sample exam questions are extremely helpful.
Mohammad taught me some important tips that I followed to prepare myself for the exam, which made a big difference.
Thank you!”


“Okay so where do I start? Well first I want to say that the CRSP exam is no way by any means easy. Whoever said that lied to you! It is a challenging exam and really tests your ability to apply your knowledge that you have acquired in the field to the exam itself. I came across CRSP CRST crash course after failing to pass the first time. This course really helped me prepare better the second time around. The course itself is very well designed and instructed to help you understand not just the material but the application part of it. I highly recommend getting the mock exams as well. Those really give you an idea of what to expect when you get into the actual exam. Sitting through the exam 3 hrs is something you really need to prepare for. I also appreciated the onsite assistance. There is always someone online to assist you with any of the questions. This was extremely helpful. The fact that you have someone to turn to when you are unsure really helps with studying. In addition, Dr Mohammed Abdoli is always there to assist and provide advice when needed. I was able to contact him to get some study pointers and ask questions regarding some of the questions in the exam that I was unsure of. This was beyond my expectations. I was successful at achieving the CRSP after this course. I highly recommend it to anyone who is taking the exam. You won’t regret it! “